Our Approach

Sayka Architecture & Construction Ltd. was established by Saadet Sayın (Conservation Architect), S.Sırrı Sayın (Civil Engineer), and Ahmet Sayın (Economist) in 1986. Since its foundation, Sayka has been specialised in architectural conservation projects and implementations, public housing projects, health complexes, cultural complexes, accommodation facilities, administrative and commercial building projects, and urban design and conservation development plans.
Sayka’s practice in heritage conservation prioritises the rehabilitation and consolidation of cultural assets by sustaining their authentic features in the conservation projects and implementations regarding monumental buildings, residential buildings, and archaeological sites. The practice works with international heritage consultants especially for the architectural projects of monumental and ancient buildings. The adaptive-reuse projects aim at the sustainable transformation of historic buildings through their integration with contemporary life based on their potential and contribution to the city.
The practice’s design approach in historic urban contexts is based on an understanding of the place and its geographical and cultural needs and adds new values that would accelerate its development. The traditional architectural practice is reinterpreted with the use of local materials (stone, brick, timber) in a contemporary manner without imitations. Sayka has been a member of AEERPA (European Association of Architectural Heritage Restoration Companies) since 2000.
As one of the founders and executives of Sayka, Saadet Sayın graduated from ADMMA (Ankara State Academy of Engineering and Architecture) in 1982. She worked as a project manager in a private architectural firm between 1982 and 1984. In 1988, she completed her graduate studies in the Graduate Program of Restoration at Middle East Technical University Department of Architecture and has been working as the architectural conservation projects manager and site supervisor since 1987. Saadet has also been involved in new building designs and urban design projects in historic contexts. She served as a member of the Honorary Board of the Turkish Chamber of Architects between 1992 and 1996 as well as the Advisory Board of the Restoration and Conservation Centre of Mersin University (2003) and the Advisory Board of Istanbul Museum-City Project (2005). She is a founding member of the Association of Conservation and Restoration Experts, and a founder and former president of the Conservation and Restoration Firms Association (KOREFD). Since 2005, KOREFD has carried out the ‘Qualified Implementation Staff Education Program for the Process of Conservation of Cultural Heritage’, which started with the EU fund and continued with the contribution of the General Directorate of Foundations. Saadet has contributed as a lecturer for the courses offered to architects working in the public sector and intermediary staff in this education program organised by KOREFD. Saadet is also a founding member of Europa Nostra Turkey, a member of the Architect’s Association 1927, and a member and former board member (2014) of the Turkish Association of Architects in Private Practice. In addition, she has served as an examining committee member for numerous graduate thesis defences and has presented papers at several national and international symposiums, many of which have been published.