Toprakkale Castle

Located within the boundaries of Toprakkale district of Osmaniye province, Toprakkale displays the characteristics of a Medieval castle. However, there is not any exact information regarding when and by whom the castle was constructed. The location of the castle indicates that it was built to control the Amanos /Demirkapı passage connecting Çukurova (Cilicia) to the Syria plain in order to protect Çukurova against the attacks from the south. Sayka Architecture & Construction Ltd has carried out architectural survey, restitution and architectural conservation projects of the castle. The intervention decisions and principles identified by the architectural conservation project aim at:  consolidating the structure in its present state with minimum intervention, and proposing reintegration only when there is a structural necessity threatening the structure’s longevity,  conserving and presenting the physical traces regarding the structure’s history and making the illegible traces legible as much as possible, differentiating new interventions, which are intended to be harmonious with the structure, from the original building elements, sustaining the values of the structure.