Harbour Bath in Side

The building was constructed in the 2nd century CE at the north-east corner of the harbour, as its name suggests. A large section of the bath is still intact. It originally consisted of ten different spaces with varying dimensions and functions. The spaces aboveground at present are the caldarium (hot section), tepidarium (warm section), and frigidarium (cold section), whereas the remaining spaces have not been excavated yet. The restoration and consolidation works were completed in 2002.
The architectural conservation project and implementation works started in 1999, cleaning and excavation works were carried out to a certain extent based on the project approved by the regional conservation council. Plant cleaning and consolidation works were implemented primarily. Within the scope of these consolidation works;
The building was stabilized with a steel lintel on top of the walls at the roof level.
Structural cracks in the walls were consolidated by clamping and injection grouting.
The courses of the walls were cleaned and repointed with original mortar.
Reintegration was implemented only where it was structurally necessary.


AREA 544 m2
YEAR 2002