Colonnaded Street

Side has a main street, which begins at the city gate and passes through the city. It has two colonnaded porticoes on both sides, which were once covered by a timber roof, with shops behind them. The part of this street connecting the Monumental Fountain (Nymphaeum) to the Side Museum (Agora Bath) is now under restoration and urban design works.
This part of the street reaches to the most crowded part of the current town, and therefore is exposed to very heavy vehicular and pedestrian traffic. The main aim of the project is to revitalize the characteristics of the ancient street and to present visitors the archaeological values of an ancient street. The shops and colonnaded axis were excavated and consolidated. During the consolidation works, no new elements were introduced to the existing remains. On the north tip of the colonnaded portico, the existing columns were re-erected in-situ in order to give information about the volumetric characteristics of the street. The mosaics on the ground were consolidated and reburied.


YEAR 1998-2003